“Think Globally, Act Locally!”

Although my blog is titled Campus Cheap Eats I thought that it is only natural to splurge every once and a while, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Local Lunch from the Marketplace, which happens only on Wednesday & Thursday, for 6.99. Now, don’t stop reading this blog just because of the price! What I think may win you over is that this lunch was prepared with local food! The Local lunch was classic fried chicken with mashed turnips with chicken gravy, and braised greens and as I said earlier all of the food was taken from local communities! As listed on the CSU Chico website “The Chicken is from Petaluma Poultry in Petaluma, CA. Turnips are organic and are from Yolo County, and the Braising mix is from Comanche Creek Farm in Durham, CA.” Because of the emphasis the Market Place put on their local lunch I started to think about why I should spend $6.99 on this plate of food rather than my usual $4.00 on a bagel sandwich. As I was walking away with my loaded plate of local comfort food I began to think how eating locally is one small step towards helping the environment as a whole.

I am sure many of you have heard about the “think globally, act locally” movement which encompasses both social and environmental movements and I would like to take a moment and applaud Chico State Dinning Services for taking on this difficult challenge.  For those of you who are familiar with the “think globally, act locally” movement it can easily be determined that this motto has been applied to many different settings, but for those of you who are un familiar Wikipedia gave a wonderfully broad definition to this movement by stating that the “think globally, act locally” urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities.” Then once people start taking action in their local communities then the spirit will spread to other communities thus changing the normal dependency on big corporations manufacturing large sums of unnatural food to feed the masses.

Even thought the focus of my blog is mainly on the environmental aspect of “think globally, act locally” I found a very interesting article titled “Millennials Think Globally, Act Locally” by Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais discussing how the American Millennial Generation (those born between 1982 – 2003) has redefined the “think globally, act locally” movement by being involved in social revolutions through social media. After reading the article I began to think of it in the scope of environmental affairs and came to the conclusion that if we Millennials continue our grassroots effort to make change in our environment through the “think globally, act locally” movement WE can change what our future looks like. How empowering is that?

THE Test for Those “Blueberry Fans” Out There:

My tongue was blue for a full hour today. Normally this would only happen if I were eating a lollipop or some kind of crazy colored ice cream, but not this time. My tongue was blue because I ate the blueberry-est blueberry muffin ever created for breakfast this morning. One would guess that these juicylicious breakfast snacks would only be found in Willy Wonka’s baked good section of his factory, but I am here to tell you that they are available at the Common Grounds café in the basement of the BMU at Chico State.

I understand last week I blogged about the BMU Common Grounds, but becasue of my almost permanent residence campus I don’t find it difficult to justify this double blog.

Now, let me tell you a little bit more about the blissful blueberry muffin I had this morning. First off, I wasn’t positive that the Common Grounds would still have some left from the morning rush. These blueberry muffins are a popular choice amongst my fellow customers because they are made FRESH every morning, but to my pleasant surprise a few of the beloved blueberry muffins were staring at me through the case despite my late arrival at 11.

I pulled out left over change from my pocket and prayed that I could compile the small amount of $1.39. After fingering through the coins and mumbling a soft (and selfish) prayer I had exactly $1.50. Hallelujua. The blueberry gods were looking down on me and smiled upon me OH SO graciously. I purchased my majestic muffin and ran off to class so I could get a seat and commence my ceremonious blueberry muffin feast.

The fluffy dough stroked my lips as they surpassed them, and once I started chewing a burst of blueberry  juice coated the insides of my teeth. WOW! I just couldn’t fathom the fantastic-ness of this muffin. Within the next two minutes I was licking my fingertips and wiping the corners of my lips with a napkin. When I turned to my friends and attepmted to join their upbeat conversation all my friends started busting up laughing once I opened my mouth to speak. Ohmygod. Is there stuff in my teeth?! I cover my mouth and sequel “whhhat?!” After a few moments (which felt like they lasted forever) my friends calmed down they told me to stick out my tongue. I did so and they told me through spatters of giggles that it looked like I swallowed a smurf. After laughing together we walked into class. In retrospect I may have acted embarrassed about my blue tongue in that moment, but now I see a temporary blue tongue as a ribbon that is only earned for passing THE test of being a “true blueberry fan.”